Con Bò Cười *

What is it?

- Con Bo Cuoi Light: traditional flavour from Con Bo Cuoi with 62% less fat.

- Con Bo Cuoi Ham: unique Ham flavour.

- Con Bo Cuoi Selection: an assortment of 4 lucious flavours to choose from: Mushroon, Paprika, Herbs and Plain flavours. 

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- Con Bo Cuoi Light: 8 portions, 128g

- Con Bo Cuoi Ham: 8 portions, 120g

- Con Bo Cuoi Selection: 8 portions, 140g 

-   200g powdered stock
-   300g conchiglie or similar small pasta shape (dried weight)
-   240g frozen petit pois
-   120g Con Bo Cuoi Light
-   1 small bunch of mint, finely chopped
-   1 clove of garlic, crushed
-   Seasoning
Pasta with the Con Bo Cuoi Light, peas and mint
Why not try adding chopped cooked bacon, chicken or ham to the pasta. (This will increase the fat content.)
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